Heroes of the Nentir Vale

Icy Hearts with Empty Pockets

A brief side trek

“Someone is coming” Marko Lancet told the others in a quick sharp whisper before moving to hide.
“I’ll keep an eye on him. Shout if you need me.” Said the perturbed Tiefling as he followed after the young scoundrel whose poor choices had led them all to be tracking through the blinding snows and winds.
It was all the party could do to stay warm as they trudged between the location the ship landed and entrance to the lair of the ship’s commander. Movement here was abysmal, and sight and hearing little better.
The others caught the noise; whoever it was, they were yelling. Soon they knew that the language was unknown to all of them.
Finally, they could make them out. Orcs! Armed and armored (beneath many poor quality furs), they appeared to be travelling in skirmish line. A clear sign of hostile intentions toward someone.
The twelve had been making less effort to listen than they had to speak and the Heroes of Harken got the jump on them.
Despite insanely brave efforts on the part of the Orcs, the heroes were soon examining the carnage for clues as to what could make them travel in this frozen waste.
They were found to be carrying very little money, very little equipment (just enough to replace any the characters were losing to the environment) and a note written on lambskin.

“Llrno, this payment for fish. Go see Dreos, Dreus?, the swampwoman. She is paying many Slit-eye for search for special rock. Rock is somewhere in Town Kiris held. One Goblins rename Gorizbadd. Many Kobolds and many many Goblins but no stupid humans there now. To her for details. Say I told you.

p.s. Halflings require a special seasoning to not make us sick. Who knew? Found out from prisoner yesterday. I released him to find seasoning. It must be tough to find.

The adventurers put the note aside. Something to consider in more detail later.



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