Heroes of the Nentir Vale

The defeat of the Iron Circle

the freeing of Harken

After bluffing their way into Iron Keep under the identity of Iron Circle sentries having returned from Albridge, the party stormed into the tower. They cleared the entry hall of dragonborn guards and secured the area from being accessed from the outside. They proceeded down into the lower level of the tower, where they encountered a mage and some Iron Circle guards. A combat ensued, in which Soqadana and Elucar were at death’s door, but were stabilized until the mage was defeated.

Baron Stockmer, Harken’s leader whom had been overthrown by the Iron Circle and imprisoned in the gaol, was freed, and he urged the companions to go after Nazin Redthorn, the warlord head of the Iron Circle before freeing him. He knew that once Nazin was defeated, the band of mercenaries would disperse and freedom would return to the Harkenwold. They agreed.

Nazin occupied the lord’s chamber on the upper level of the tower, alongside some hobgoblin mercenaries. The heroes picked off the enemies slowly, and in a desperate attempt to flee and murder the Baron, he tried to escape through a secret stairwell. However, he was struck down by Soqadana’s blade.

Having heard of their warlord’s demise, the Iron Circle disbanded, leaving Harken in peace. The Baron rewarded the saviors and named them Defenders of Harkenwold, always welcome the keep and the outlying villages.

Among the items left behind by the Iron Circle was a notice for Nazin Redthorn…



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