Heroes of the Nentir Vale

Trouble In The Rubble

A First-Person Account by Panor

When last we left our heroes, they were searching for the Thing That I Can’t Remember The Name Of. We had checked the library, the tavern and the Aramis’ former house, but we had come up small in all three locations, though I did manage to recover as many texts as I could at the library, so we had that going for us.

We turned our attentions to the Trading District, reasoning that someone could have pilfered the item and would now be trying to sell it. Alas, the Trading District wasn’t what it used to be, being as most of it was now rubble, and not much trading of anything, pilfered or otherwise, was happening there. Undeterred, we decided to search the rubble for that which we sought.

We didn’t find what they were looking for, but the sturges that had been hanging out in the area did find something they sought: meat sacks full of sweet, sweet blood. Also attracted by the noise of rubble being knocked around were swarms of rats. In retrospect, it wasn’t the best idea to search the rubble, since something like that isn’t gonna just be left around like that, but hindsight can be annoyingly clearer than foresight.

And so, we were left with little choice but to engage these foul creatures and send them back to whatever hell they were spawned in. We also took care of the rats. I wasn’t really involved in the rat killing at first, and so can only tell you of the sturges. One tried to get at me, but I was able to deflect it and respond with a gout of flame from my hands, singeing it and its brother (or cousin or friend… I didn’t ask) but not by much, as I didn’t hit either directly. The sturge’s next attempt was much luckier, or perhaps more competent, and I found myself with a bloodsucker stuck to me, taking the blood that was rightfully mine. I’m not much of an athlete, and so didn’t bother trying to shake the accursed thing off me, opting instead to fire a Magic Missile perilously close to my own body. Obviously, it hit its intended target, as Magic Missiles are known to do, but it didn’t change the status quo, bloodsucking-wise.

A voice from above lamented, on my behalf, that I didn’t have the Fey Step ability that my adopted family enjoyed, and I shared in that lamentation, forgetting that I had recently learned how to teleport via a dimensional door. Instead, I fired off a hailstone that burst near the sturge, causing the ground to become icy and therefore causing the sturge to break away from me and slide a little ways, despite it being a flying creature and not having any actual contact with the ice. It made sense to me at the time. Now, I’m just thankful that neither I nor the Power Above put a lot of thought into how that freezing burst actually works.

The rest of the fight was fairly uneventful for me, as best as I can remember. We cleared out the beasts without losing anyone to the cold grip of death, though the new guy did go down for a while.

As we were fighting the creatures, a few kobolds showed up, a few at a time, and watched. Once we were done, and I had a moment to do so, I advised the kobolds to not start anything with us. The fact that I told them in their own language probably helped. The dead creatures strewn around us probably helped too. They all remembered other engagements and left the scene.

After taking a breather to mend our wounds, we set off to find another likely location for our goal. The fact that kobolds had shown up to loot the marketplace led us to think that maybe other kobolds had already been there and picked up the orb (is it an orb? I wasn’t really myself when this was all explained to us.) So, the kobold slums seemed like a good place to look.

We managed to reach the slums undetected, thanks to Soqadana’s athletic prowess, and came upon a group of kobolds. The idea to attack them was no doubt considered, but I preempted that by starting a conversation. Draconic is the kind of language that’s use-it-or-lose-it, by my way of thinking. So I asked the kobolds if they knew anything about the item we’re seeking. Someone handed me a couple of gold pieces to sweeten the deal, but it didn’t seem to be doing a whole lot of sweetening for them. I impulsively pulled out a handful of gems we’d been carrying, and that seemed to put the kobolds into a metaphorical sugar buzz. The lead one sang like a canary. A very scaly, wingless canary.

He made certain assumptions, such as that we were affiliated with a shiny dragon from whom we could secure employment for the kobold’s cousin, Azeek Azeek (so named because he can eat two lizards in a single sitting, an ability of some note.) I eventually worked out, from what he was telling me, that this dragon had taken the thingamabob from the library a while ago.

And so, it’s looking like we’ll be visiting a dragon, in the near future!

So ends my tale for now.



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